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Pictures Of My Friends And Me
These are my Virtual Friends.
Sorry to those whose pictures are not here :)

This is Macciavelli. His real name is Gio.
Macci is my SISOSXLE!!! I love him very very very very much :) Kisssssssssssss :)
This is {Egoist}. His real name is Dato.
Datucha chemi giju dzamikoa :) Magra mikvars :)
This is Elizbari.
He is really sweet.
This is Tato.
Tatucha magari jigaroa. Sakartvelos pirveli patrioti lol :)))
This is Wini. His real name is Zaal.
Auuu....amas ra xania rom vicnob...:)))
This is Emperor_. His real name is Gio.
This is my 1st "VIRTUAL LOVE". :)))
This is BJSA. His real name is Zaza.
Zazuka chemi virtualuri dzamikoa :)