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Hello :)
I`m Khatuna, but you can call me Khati for short.
I was born on October 15, 1982 in Georgia.
When I was 11 my family and I moved to Moscow, Russia. It`s nice to live here, but of caurse I miss my country...:( Here, I study in Collage and hope to be a business manager :)

As far as my friends and family is concerned I want to say that they mean a lot to me.
I have a sister and a brother, they are both older then me, and both are married. My sister has two children and I really adore them. My brother has only one kid and he is sooooo sweet...:))) Actually i love children very much :)))
I`ve got a lot of friends...and i love them all very very much :)
I`ve also got great virtual friends whom I hope to meet one day :)
One of the my best interests is music...i just love it..:)
I like Rap, R&B, and sometimes Techno music (only at discos). I also like bands like Enigma and Era. But what i really like to do is to chat. I chat on mIRC and my nickname is "khati".
You can find me on my channel #khati and also on #tbilisi, #batumi, #kaif and many more....:)))
Thanx for visiting this site
I hope you liked it.
Bye bye